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By proof of performance (as witnessed by the above scientific instrumentaion) and independent laboratory certifications, Silent Night has earned the position to be among the same level of high performance top-selling HEPA air cleaning systems, that are currently selling at over $1000 or more.

These high-end air cleaners prove to
capture the most dangerous EPA required PM 2.5 elimination and virus-sized particulate.  

The difference between the High Performance HEPA air cleaners and the Silent Night is that it achieves virtually the same result, but does it using 4x less electricity (45 watts) and with a unit that is 8x lighter (4.5 lbs), 8x smaller, thus - making it very portable. And, it moves air without any fan noise. And the good news for the consumer is that it is 2x-4x less cost.

Except for the noticebly cleaner air, you won't even know it is there!




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