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An average adult’s normal breathing is 12 inhalations per minute—about 6 liters of air. Every hour, we inhale 12.7 cubic feet of air, including its pollutants. Children have smaller lungs but their breathing rate is higher.

Billions of microscopic particles that are at rest in carpeting, drapes, furnishings, etc. are stirred up into the breathing zone by high speed fans and human or pet activity. Additional pollution—from traffic, industry, etc.—enters through open windows and as we pass in and out through doors.

ZEPA filtration is scientifically proven to capture the most dangerous, EPA required PM 2.5 and virus-sized and larger particulate. These contaminants include bacteria, germs, allergens, dust, smoke, fumes, dander and VOC's.

Why would you want less than maximum efficiency?
Standard air cleaners must be run at their maximum (noisiest) setting to produce top results. Tests to establish their “air exchange ratings” are done at the highest, noisiest, most costly fan or turbo settings. If standard air cleaners are turned down to bearable
noise levels, they lose most of their Air Exchange Rate and do not clean the air very effectively. The ZEPA-500 does not have these limitations.

CADR Clean Air Delivery Rate IBR, a certified AHAM Independent Lab, tested Silent Night at 197.2 Smoke CADR cubic feet per minute, the equivalent of 12,000 cubic feet per hour. Silent Night delivers 4 air exchanges per hour in a 400 square foot room.

Silent Night's ZEPA-500 matches virutally the same performance as top selling High Performance HEPA filtration technology. But, the differences are.....

......................... ..................................

Silent Night does it with a unit that is 8x lighter, 8x smaller, uses 4x less electricity and with NO fan noise! And, Silent Night is 2x-4x less to buy.

Except for the noticebly cleaner air, you won't even know it is there!


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